Jazz’n the Vines


The Fall 2016 Jazz’n the Vines season was a great one! Stay tuned for more on our upcoming Spring 2017 season! And, don’t forget about 
Holiday’n the Vines (a special daytime show!) on Saturday, November 26. We’ll have food trucks, pony rides for the kids, Santa, and live music from Christian Serpas and Ghost Town! This event is a benefit for charity and we recommend a $5/person donation.


Tickets are $10/person per show for the public. Wine Club Members can purchase 2-for-1 tickets, up to 4, for any show. Additionally, our series ticket offer – which is $30 for 4 tickets good for any show during the season will be on sale. It’s a great deal! Wine Club Members can also get this offer 2-for-1! Meaning, Members can get 8 tickets for just $30! This offer ends before the season starts on September 17!*

Learn more about joining the Wine Club here**…

Sponsorship for the entire season or individual shows exist for Jazz’n the Vines! Sponsorship can include banners, group tickets for your sponsoring business or organization, exposure in our eNewsletter that reaches 7,000 individuals and our popular social media channels, as well. If you would like more information on being a sponsor, please email bryan “at” pontchartrainvineyards.com.

To our valued guests at Jazz’n the Vines – Out of consideration to other attendees of the show, please abide by these courtesies when out at the winery – please make sure that younger audience members are not engaged in “horseplay” in the audience area, around the stage, or in and around the winery building. Children are welcome to play, if supervised, in the empty grass block behind the seating area. Also, please no smoking in the audience area, at the tasting table and outside bar, in the tasting room, or on the patio. You are welcome to smoke along the periphery of the viewing area if away from other guests or off to the sides.

Lastly, the winery and tasting room close at 4 pm the day of the show in order to get ready for the event. We re-open at 5 pm. As we only have a one-lane road in and out of the winery, please do not arrive before 5 pm to the gate in order to allow daytime guests as well as employees to leave or arrive. Thank you very much for your attention and patronage at Jazz’n the Vines and Pontchartrain Vineyards!


*Two-for-one offers are for Club Members only. Series tickets can be used for any show during the season. Meaning, you can use one at each of the 4 shows beginning September 17 or in any combination. Series tickets are good only for the fall ’16 Jazz’n the Vines season and may not be used for any other season or event unless noted by the winery. This includes rain-outs. If the last show of the season is rained out, fall series tickets will be honored in the spring ’17 season (only.) Individual show tickets are good for that specific show only. If a specific show is rained out, individual show tickets will be honored at any show later during the fall ’17 season only. If the last show is rained out, individual show tickets from rained out shows in the fall 2017 season can be used for any show during the spring 2017 season (only – these will not rollover to later seasons.) Also, please note, tickets from previous seasons and past Groupon offers will not be allowed for the fall ’17 season or any future seasons. Season tickets or rain-out from individual shows do not apply for use for the Holiday’n the Vines Festival (11/26/2017.) Please, no exceptions or substitutions. Refunds will not be given. By purchasing tickets, you agree to these and all terms provided by the winery. Thank you!

**Please note – filling out the online inquiry form for the Wine Club does not mean membership. This is a request for a membership form with all the details and information.