Jazz’n the Vines

Our Spring 2015 Jazz’n the Vines season will kick-off with a special “Spring’n the Vines” show on March 28th featuring The Tin Men! More information on what you can bring and other important information can be found at the bottom of the poster image and further specifics under that below…


Saturday, July 11 – Benny Grunch & The Bunch – Rescheduled from April 18! More here…


All shows are at 6:30 pm. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more information, special offers, and more!

As always, Wine Club Members, will get 2-for-1 tickets and numerous other special offers. Learn more about joining the Wine Club here*…

Sponsorship for the entire season or individual shows exist for Jazz’n the Vines! Sponsorship can include banners, group tickets for your sponsoring business or organization, exposure in our eNewsletter that reaches 7,000 individuals and our popular social media channels, as well. If you would like more information on being a sponsor, please email marketing “at” pontchartrainvineyards.com.

*Please note – filling out the online inquiry form for the Wine Club does not mean membership. This is a request for a membership form with all the details and information.

Poster for JV 2015 Spring Schedule_final

To our valued guests at Jazz’n the Vines – Out of consideration to other attendees of the show, please abide by these courtesies when out at the winery – please make sure that younger audience members are not engaged in “horseplay” in the audience area, around the stage, or in and around the winery building. Children are welcome to play, if supervised, in the empty grass block behind the seating area. Also, please no smoking in the audience area, at the tasting table and outside bar, in the tasting room, or on the patio. You are welcome to smoke along the periphery of the viewing area if away from other guests or off to the sides.

Lastly, the winery and tasting room close at 4 pm the day of the show in order to get ready for the event. We re-open at 5 pm. As we only have a one-lane road in and out of the winery, please do not arrive before 5 pm to the gate in order to allow daytime guests as well as employees to leave or arrive. Thank you very much for your attention and patronage at Jazz’n the Vines and Pontchartrain Vineyards!