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Our Wines

2012 Port of New Orleans

(750ml)  Tawny style port made from Northcoast Zinfandel.

2012 Port of New Orleans

(375ml)  ½ bottle size of our tawny port style.

2015 Voodoo Zin (Zinfandel)

Not your typical fruit-bomb, lighter with a 13.6% alcohol.

2015 Dah Red (Cabernet/Syrah Blend)

The best of both grapes, unfiltered and big fruit and s nice woody finish.

2015 Rosso Creolo (Primativo, Zinfandel, and more)

What we think you would be drinking at one of New Orleans great Italian/Seafood restaurants.

2016 Beau Soleil (Chardonnay)

A secondary fermentation and all stainless-steel aging give this wine a balance of butteriness and fruit.

2017 Roux St. Louis (off-dry Blanc du Bois)

Our vineyards 2017 harvested fruit with a hint of sweetness.

2017 Le Trolley (dry Blanc du Bois)

The 2017 harvest’s fruit fermented to dryness.  Still light and fruity.

Pontchartrain’s Sweet White

For those who like a light sweet white.

Pontchartrain’s Sweet Red

Sweet for sure, but bright and crisp, not a syrup.

Pontchartrain’s Blueberry

A clean, crisp Louisiana blueberry wine with a 4% residual sugar.

2014 Ursuline (Grenache)

Livermore Valley fruit, beautiful light red with a complexity of tastes. 

2014 Dauphine (Petit Syrah)

Livermore valley fruit with dark rich flavors.