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2012 Port of New Orleans

(750ml)  Tawny style port made from Northcoast Zinfandel.

2012 Port of New Orleans

(375ml)  ½ bottle size of our tawny port style.

2017 Le Trolley (dry Blanc du Bois)

The 2017 harvest’s fruit fermented to dryness.  Still light and fruity.

2015 Voodoo Zin (Zinfandel)

Not your typical fruit-bomb, lighter with a 13.6% alcohol.

2015 Dah Red (Cabernet/Syrah Blend)

The best of both grapes, unfiltered and big fruit and s nice woody finish.

Pontchartrain’s Sweet White

For those who like a light sweet white.

2014 Ursuline (Grenache)

Livermore Valley fruit, beautiful light red with a complexity of tastes.

2014 Dauphine (Petit Syrah)

Livermore valley fruit with dark rich flavors.

Plus Many More!

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